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Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

29 Mar 2019


One of the first miracles in my life was when I was just 11 year's old, when 
my mother picked me up from school, my father was with her. My mother was 
crying a little, so I asked her why?  She then told me that she had terminal
 cancer.  What is cancer, I said she then told me.  Watching her go down hill
 for the first six months, she began teaching me how to get my younger sister's 
ready for school, guided me in how to cook for the family.  We all would gather
 around and pray each night for a miracle. My mother was searching to find 
someone to come and anoint her.  She found that church, and they came out
 and anointed her. Each day she began getting better and better.  Well, that 
was 50 years ago and she's still telling me what to do! 

When my son was born, he had jaundice.  They wanted to do a blood transfusion, I called my pastor who called the "call chain" my husband and I decided to just take him home, and by the time we got home, our pastor was there and we all prayed.  My son was "pink" after that prayer and is a wonderful Christian man at the age of 40.

Another miracle, I got called into work early and on my way, I hit a patch of ice and had a head-on collision, before we made impact, I cried out to God...HELP ME GOD!  BAM...had to be cut out of the car, but everyone walked away with just scratches! Amen!

I was a midnight waitress for 27 years.  I was robbed several times during that time, and never got hurt! Some got the money and other's didn't.  Each time, I would be praying, Dear God, it's me, Rhonda I need help now!  I talked two out of robbing me and one of those robber's had a gun!  The most dangerous robbery was with four men, I had an instinct that I was going to get robbed, but talked myself out of it...well they put a gun to my head and got the money, I was praying the whole time.  When one of them said, "let's put her in the car" that's when I politely told them..."Shoot me now! I'm not getting in a car with four men!" I started praying out loud and they turned and ran away, short story, the all got caught, I had to see them for several years for court, we all became friends and all was forgiven. Lesson learned...ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT'S!!  I made a promise that night, and have kept that promise to God!

Over the course of my 62 years of a blest life, I have witnessed many other miracles. I'm sure there are more to come. 

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