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If salt loses its saltiness what will you season it with? –Luke 14:34

11 Mar 2019

SHARE MARKET-- What are 8 ways to constantly improve?/Read well and follow--

1.       Keep quiet
Don’t go around boasting of your decisions or attempts to improve at something. Yes, people will be impressed with your willingess to change, but that will trick your brain into thinking it has already accomplished the task and thus, you may lose your motivation.

The less you talk about your goals, the more likely you are to accomplish them.
2. Have a goal
No matter what you want to get better at, you need to have a clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish.
Once I was in a bookstore and decided to get a unique writing pad. I kept looking and didn’t like anything I saw. Then I realized that I was looking for a writing pad without knowing what kind I actually wanted.
A person with no goals is like a ship with no direction in the sea; it will never reach its destination.
3. Motivation

Why do you want what you want? The clearer you can answer this question, the more driven you will be to improve your skills and achieve your goals.
4. Analyze your mistakes
The world is full of people who want to get better at something. But they aren’t doing anything for that. Analyzing your mistakes is a shortcut to your goals. Don’t overanalyze, though
5. Have a success journal

Seeing your accomplishments (no matter how small) in written form will inspire you and boost your confidence.
6. Find experts
Would you ask an engineer how to make better pizza? Would you ask a car mechanic for advice on investing? Sadly, this is what many do: asking advice from non-experts.
Ask someone who has walked your path and succeeded. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.
7. Observe
Want to become a better basketball player? Watch more skilled players play. How do they play so good? How do they get better? Pick up their traits.
8. Act

You can spend years learning how to fly. But if you’ve never flown a plane, you’ll never become a pilot.
Implement your knowledge

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