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14 Mar 2019

SHARE MARKET--What is the best investing advice you have received?

I was like everyone investing in small saving funds since I was too busy at my work (excuse!!!!). I always wanted to be unique in everything I do. Finding no time I started my first investment into buying a flat when I was 23. Banks rejected my loan application since I was very young. My dad signed the agreement to get me a loan.
I started paying my EMi and added another one. I repaid the emi for 7 years and I realized I did not earn any on the investment.
I then met with a group of people who were in real estate and making good returns. They quit their job and were literally enjoying their life. I was little surprised but finally I understood the secret of investment.
There is something like pre pre launch offer in property investment. This means you would be part of land that is offered to the builder for development after 4 years. These guys were pooling land and were offering this to builders and are getting the land owner share of flats. They either sell these or hold for rental income
The way it worked out is interesting. Their cost of acquiring land was 1/4th of the cost you purchase a new flat. This way when they sell they make 300 to 400% return in 5 to 6 years span. I know of guys who owns more than 20 flats and are happily retired with rental income.
I started being the pool and started gaining.
Points to consider
1.       Potential land that can grow in next 4 years
2.      Right documentation
3.      Only goal is to offer this for development and nothing apart from this like resell the land etc.
The cost these guys acquired land at much earlier stage helped builder also to gain from the equation.
I would suggest to look at these types.

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