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5 Mar 2019

STOCK MARKET--If I buy Wipro share now, will I be eligible for bonus share recently announced?

Thanks for the question asked.
Wipro has fixed record date as March 7th, 2019.
Bonus 1 : 3
So, if you are buying 30 shares now, you will get 10 shares as a bonus.
Usually, it will take T+2 days to get shares credited into your dmat account.

So if you are buying in the next couple of dates, you will get the bonus shares as your name will be their record books as on March 7th.
Say, if you are buying on March 5th, if, for some reasons your name is not in their record books because of the delay with your broker, you will end up buying highand not getting your bonus shares and after the record date, shares tend to fall and will take a long time for the shares get to your purchase price.
To answer your question, Yes you will get the bonus shares if your name is the record books as on March 7th, 2019.
But, please note after the record date, the shares price will be falling proportionately. Though you will get 30 shares credited to you on T+2 day, bonus shares will take some times to be credited to your account.
Hope that helps you and thanks for reading.
Good Luck.

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