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10 May 2019

GENERAL ELECTION 2019--What are 10 predictions you have for post 2019 Parliamentary Elections results in India in both scenario win or loss?

1.       You will never again hear the word Rafale except for the time when IAF inducts it in September.

2.      There will be no NYAY implementation - In case of BJP victory, it will not be implemented at all, in case of Mahagathbandhan victory, the Parliament won’t let it pass. So overall, no implementation of the scheme.

3.      Modi will most definitely still sit in the Parliament.

4.      Rahul will definitely sit in the Parliament, this time representing a Southern state.(WAYANADU,KERALA)

5.      Parties will get busy for the forthcoming Assembly Elections.

6.      Social Media will have celebrations on one side and sheer sadness on the other.

7.      The toxicity being spread on Social Media since the last 5–6 months will suddenly disappear.

8.      There will be NDA majority in Rajya Sabha in 2020.

9.      Articles will be written about how Rahul Gandhi has come of age.

10.   We will continue with our lives with some changes in case any party forms the government.Our Economic  Policies will continue as such whether it is  NDA or UPA.

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