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If salt loses its saltiness what will you season it with? –Luke 14:34

4 May 2019

miracles--Deepika Parashar’s encounter with an angel.

"There are miracles. I will tell you an incident that happened with me a couple of years ago in Delhi" says Deepika as she recalls the incident. 

She and her friend, staying in Delhi, would pick out, and visit one random place on the Delhi map. Since they didn't have a vehicle, taking the metro was their best bet. That day, they decided to check out the Lotus temple, the Kalkaji temple, and the ISKCON temple. Now if you recall visiting the temple, you'd know that one needs to cross a rather massive park which naturally becomes quite spooky when dark, thanks to the lack of any street lights. Deepika and her friend had forgotten the way back, and were obviously petrified. To put things into perspective, this was right after the Nirbhaya incident, so obviously, tensions were high.

Deepika recalls, "We took a deep breath, and chose a path on the park and start walking without knowing where this path would take us. It was 8:30 PM, and not only was the park completely deserted, it was pitch dark. We were scared like hell. We had started praying when suddenly a miracle happened. A thin man, somewhere in his 40s started walking in front of us. We were just blindly following him, not knowing where it would lead us to. We were scared at first, not knowing who he was, but noticed he would stop when we stopped. Once we start walking, he would do the same.  He didn't look back even once in the entire time that we followed him. He just kept walking, and we followed him."

The man eventually led the two to the entrance of the park. "Kalkaji metro station waha hai, aap jaa sakte ho (there is the Kalkaji metro station, you can go now)", he said and disappeared. The girls reached home safely that night.

Deepika finally concludes by saying, "Miracles can happen anywhere, all you need is belief."

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