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Luke 5:31, 32 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

10 Jun 2019


  •  Distant friendships are the best ones just like the rays of the sun during cold winter days. 
  •  When you are not the only one who thinks the same way as the person who is sitting next to you, you are crazy friends. 
  •  Words of enemies don’t hurt to the extent that a friend’s silence does. 
  •  A good friend is a reference map to your past and roadmap to the future. 
  •  We can buy all the luxuries of life with money but, a true friendship is a treasure to keep for a lifetime. 
  •  There is a miracle in each experience we went through in life. Don't regret it rather be grateful for it. 
  •  Let go of the moments that you never had but are just a part of your dangerous illusion. 
  •  Life is an opportunity for those who make the most of it. Make sure your journey is cool. 
  •  All of us have many secrets. Make sure yours is not a complicated one. 
  •  Don’t put your loved ones secretly down. Try to be real with the ones who care for you. 
  •  God will always wipe away tour tears and mend your broken heart like a doctor. 
  •  Every ending is a sign that new things are coming your way. 
  •  One bad chapter in your life doesn’t mean that it is an end to good times in your life. It represents that the time has come to welcome new things. 
  •  Love exists to make your life worthwhile. If it doesn't that means it is just a dull sensation nothing else. 

  •  You will always hate yourself for letting me go for my love was unconditional and out of any expectations in return. 
  •  Don’t cry and always keep smiling even during the worse moments of your life. Show them that your belief is stronger than the scars they had to give. 
  •  If your partner doesn't keep you happy, don’t give up because you may find your soul mate who will love you unconditionally. 
  •  Don’t reject yourself based on the opinion of others because they are just part of one page from one chapter of your life. 
  •  Don’t convince yourself with a lie when your mind already knows the truth. 
  •  If you ever feel that the other person is treating you like an option, never make them your priority. Be happy and kick them off out of your life. 
  •  You cannot compel others to respect you but, you can show them that they are not so important in your life. 
  •  The energy is the most expensive thing. It's up to you if you want to spend it on making your life miserable or happy. 
  •  When someone lies to you and, you know the truth, handle the situation by being calm. It is the best revenge against that person. 
  •  Take a deep breath and beg yourself to stay away from the toxic people around you. 
  •  Don't try harder for the person who doesn't deserve your love, care, and trust. 
  •  When you are not sure what exactly you are feeling, it is an alarm to change yourself. 
  •  You are supposed to live for your body and your soul. First, keep them healthy, everything else is secondary. 
  •  Be beautiful for yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. 
  •  Be present for the current situation. Forgive your past and welcome your future with positive vibes. 
  •  Be like a wind. Take everything with you and then settle down at last. 
  •  Do better if you know what it takes to be better and then keep it consistent. 
  •  Your life will change if you will have the courage to let it happen. 
  •  Life is a test. Discover your strength during the assessment and avoid showing your weaknesses. 
  •  Hold courage to create what you imagine. Be powerful enough to make the difference. 
  •  Make your mind so fierce that push away all the dirt around you. 
  •  We always shine after heartache if we learn from our mistakes. 
  •  You cannot become a star if you cannot be a glow stick. 
  •  To find a rainbow, you need to look upwards. 
  •  Re-train your mind to be soft and kind with everyone even if that person had hurt you sometimes. 

  •  Do not chase people because those who want to be with you will never run away from you. 
  •  If someone walks away from you, count the steps and move further so as they cannot reach you. 
  •  Believe in the wings of time over fire because time heals everything and fire ruins everything. 
  •  Eat your worries for breakfast and shine throughout the day with pleasure. 
  •  Hear the rhythms of your heart and try to be better on your own. Never depend on anyone. 

 In a world of artificial intelligence, at least try to be real with the people who deserve your loyalty. 
  •  Appreciate happiness if you would have ever been sad. 
  •  Crying does cleansing for your heart. It washes away all the sorrows. 
  •  Be alone but do not pretend to be happy if you are not. 
  •  Be like air and let go of everything that surrounds you. 
  •  If you cannot handle pain, you can never be sure of what pleasure will feel like because pain is indeed a beautiful pleasure. 

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