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1 Jun 2019

STOCK MARKET--What are the best investment blogs/websites?

In the Indian context, it’s often difficult to distinguish the genuine ones from the ones that give ‘Free Stock Tips’. However, I have tried my best to compile a list of the good ones alone:
1.       2 Point 2 Capital Blog
2.      Alpha Ideas
3.      Alpha Invesco
4.      BasuNivesh
5.      Calculated Wagers
6.      Capital Mind
7.      Contrarian Value Edge
8.      Dr. Vijay Malik
9.      Equity Master
12.   Finception
13.   FinShiksha
14.   FreeFinCal
17.   GetMoneyRich
18.   InfiMoney
19.   Intelsense
21.   JagoInvestor
25.  PPFAS

30.  SageOne
31.   SeekingWisdom
35.  SubraMoney
41.   Trade Brains

If you’d like them all in a single place, go to this Google Drive link. If you know a good blog that’s not present in the list, let me know in the comments below. I will add it to the post. I hope your investing process gets enriched by accessing these blogs. Happy investing!

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