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18 Jul 2019

STOCK MARKET--What do I do when stock price fall?/ Try this logistics.

When the stock price falls — you buy!
When the stock price rises — you sell!
If you are already in the stock (long) and the price falls — you sell and take a loss. Start fresh.
If you are not in the stock and it rises, and then begins to fall — you sell short!

Those are the basic trading methods. You will need to learn those before you move on to higher level trading.
Allow me to provide some principles to trading:
·         Only buy the best: Buy the very best stock you can. If you are studying 10 stocks (core 10), you choose the very best one of those 10 to trade.
·         Study technicals: Study the 6-month charts. Make sure you can identify peaks and valleys (ups and downs), support/resistance. Watch how the volume picks up with buying at the support, and selling in resistance. Here is where you can make your moves.
·         Patience and practice: Devote 10 years to becoming a humble student of the markets. Put in the time and the dedication. Seek out a mentor who both teaches and trades, and you can get your learning curve down to about 3 years — but not less.
·         Make the investment: Put the money up. Save all you can. Make sacrifices so that you are making more consistent weekly/monthly deposits into your stock market account. Stories of traders starting with 5 or 10 thousand and trading that up to a millionaire fortune are but pipe dreams. Building your account to sizable respect over time takes the compounding of consistent deposits. Don’t skip here.
·         Write out your goals: They say that if you don’t have a goal, chances are you will never get there. Make some sound goals each and every year. Read them out loud every day. “I have $10,000 in my stock market account.” “I have a mentor who is teaching me to trade.” “I know how to make money consistently trading stocks.” “I can pay my bills with profitable trades in the stock market.” “I can write covered calls on my shares every month.” “I can make three profitable trades back to back.”
Try this. There is no telling how far you can take it. You know what to do. Follow and upvote for more.

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