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25 Aug 2019

SHARE MARKET--Is it possible to become wealthy through intraday trading?

Yes, It is very much possible.
All we need is to follow a few Disciplinary actions while trading markets.
Over the period of time i have seen, lots of negative secrets or myths been shared across various platforms about stock markets.
Today, Out here i will try to share a few hidden or unobserved positive secrets about stock markets, which i have come across in my 30 years span of trading carer.
My views shared while answering will be kept to the point, Which can clear misconception about stock markets. And can raise confidence in newbie traders, investors.

1.There is always a Next chance Every day, Provided You are alive in markets.
2. Stock market is not a rocket science, A classic example of Demand & Supply. Most Traders are unsuccessful due to over analysis.
3. It is not easy to make money in stock markets, not because 99% traders have bad luck every time, It's just because they carry the same poor knowledge every time.
4. There is nothing called as “Operator” in stock markets, Its called “Smart Money"
Smart money is among those 1%, Who makes money trading markets.
5. Greed and fear are worst enemy to peoples who lose money.
6. Stock markets can always be taken as full time source of earning, Provided if taken after formal education, knowledge, analysing proper risk management skills.
7.One need not to have Formal degrees from best schools, colleges in the world for succeeding into stock markets. All you need is Courage to admit mistakes, Lust for Knowledge, Patience while losing, and Determination While moving towards victory.
8. There is nothing called as Easy money in stock markets, whatever you earn, you make it after fighting a war with fellow trader.
It's a you lose, I win sort of game.
9. Always make a mistake you can afford, And you can live to make another mistake.
10. Last but not the least …Guru Mantra for me... “Baw Bagman hay" (Price which you see on scene for a stock is god)
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Note=Stock Trading has been a source of Bread & Butter for me since last 15 years now. I use PIVOT POINT METHOD +SUPPORT 1.2,3 & RESISTANCE 1.2,3 for my share trading. I don’t use margin money for day trding. I invested only 3 lakhs in share market i.e. 1.5 lakhs as share holding and 1.5 lakhs for day trading.
Thank you.

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