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12 Nov 2019

STOCK MARKET-What is the best intraday tips app for an Indian stock market?-

I am going to share my experience in 

intraday trading.
  1. Start with minimum amount of 500 rupees. yes ryt 500 rupees!!With 500 one can buy 48 of 50 NIFTY-50 shares using margin(assuming the margin to be 15.2X) .
  2. Reduce no of trades as more you trade more you pay brokerage to the broker. Try to control your emotions while trading. I know it is very hard to control the emotions. But you should. Market has no emotion so you should treat the market the very same way.
  3. There is no “favorite stock “ in the marke. Every share is not for your profit. Find the trending stocks . You can get trending stock news in news apps like ET and MONEY CONTROL.
  4. Never heed to TV technical analysis as many are manipulative.
  5. Try not to enter the market as soon as the market opens on 9.15 A.M. Wait till the pre-market volatility settles.
  6. Never try Future and Options when you are beginner to the market. Practice with 500 rupees till you get enough confidence that you are ready to take risk.
  7. Better to trade in NSE stocks mainly NIFTY-50 stocks. One can find buyers and sellers for every point. NSE charges are lower than BSE.
  8. Try to learn about indicators yourself. There are so many good youtube channels educating about technical analysis for free. Never fall prey to advisory companies .
  9. There is nothing called 100% working strategy . Learn more and study about various technical indicators and apply which you feel better never heed to others . Make your own strategy. You can risk mere 500 rupees to learn. Even if you are wiped out of your 500 rupees there is something you need to learn from the mistake. Rectify that mistake and again enter the market.
  10. Use broker with the lowest brokerage. As of now Zerodha ,Upstocks and many discount brokers are offering 0.001% brokerage.
Never expect only profit from the market. Despite losses , end of the month you should try to come out in profits.

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